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KTMP Hospitality Group (Pty) Ltd which is domiciled and incorporated in the Republic of South Africa, is a South African black owned company owning and running a range of brands offering services to companies in the hospitality and related sectors.

OUR MISSION is to run a successful company whose activities provides satisfaction to its customers while it serve as a platform for black South Africans to become contributors to South Africa's economy.

In OUR VISION we see KTMP Hospitality Group being a respected, reputable, successful and thriving black led and black owned company offering excellent service to its happy and satisfied customers while generating a healthy ROI for its shareholders.

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The success of KTMP Hospitality Group (Pty) Ltd lies on its proper management of its brands and their subsidiaries

We are always on the look out for business that are also well managed in which we can invest our income to continue growing our business.

We value our customers and we are forever grateful for the trust they put in us and we do our best to provide the best care in dealing with them.

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